Friday, 4 February 2011

DR Tender Steam

After the war, many of these narrow gauge locomotives found their way onto several German narrow gauge railways.

An exceptional model equipped with two drive motors powered by eight wheels and four pick-up shoes.

This recent addition to H.L.R. arrived analogue and will be converted to DCC once it is ascertained how to open her up and fit the decoders (Engine & Tender).

Length: 450mm Weight: 2350g


  1. I'll be interested in hearing how this runs - as I'd heard it wasn't as heavy as a Stainz and haulage wasn't as good? Does it have a motorised tender as standard?

  2. I'll let you know, but with a second motor in the tender as standard and a much heavier operating weight than that of the Stainz (1950g),I'd expect it to be much stronger puller.

  3. Oooh excellent - it makes it look excellent value for money then!