Thursday, 22 August 2019

And so it begins (Part 3)

Photo 7
With the first loop virtually complete, it was time to lay the foundations for the second loop (Photo 7).
Photo 8

As this was much higher at the front edge due to the slope of the land, a third layer of concrete bricks had to be laid (Photo 8).
Photo 9

Photo 10

Timber half logs are added to complete the front edge (Photo 10).

Part 2
Part 1

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

And so it begins (Part 2)

Photo 4
After the initial straight had been laid, the beginning of the curve was created. Similar to the blocks but now I used concrete bricks to help shape the bend. They were placed laterally.
Photo 5
An alpine bed was created in front of the blocks to help soften the appearance whilst creating a  miniature landscape. Half log rolls were attached to the blocks. Not everyone's cup of tea but only time and weather will tell if the final appearance works.
Photo 6

Bit by bit the blocks, track and alpine bed started to take shape.