Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Billy Boiler - Stage 5

The big day had arrived and it was time to test under steam.

First the external moving linkages and bearings were lubricated and the displacement lubricator was filled with steam oil. Then the boiler was filled with water to 30ml short of full and the gas tank was filled to capacity with a mix of 65% Butane and 35% Propane.

Gently the gas regulator was slowly opened and a lighted match held over the chimney. 'Pop', the burner was lit.

After a couple of minutes the gas regulator was opened a little more to speed up steam raising.

A full working pressure of 40psi was soon achieved before the steam regulator was opened.

Roundhouse recommend to 'run-in' the  linkages, bearings and boiler for a few hours before testing on your line.

Next stage, the Body kit (HBK5).

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