Thursday, 1 December 2011

Billy Radio Control - Stage 1

Before commencing the fitting of the radio control components, the cab had to be removed. In addition to the R/C components, the Roundhouse Fittings Only kit HBK12 was used.

A Hitec HS81 Micro servo was first fitted for the operating of the Walschaerts valve-gear. This was mounted to two brass posts where originally the manual reversing lever was positioned.  The horn and linkage was not fitted at this time.

The regulator servo was then fitted to the bracket on the right hand side of the foot plate. (Fitted during the body stage.) Again, a Hitec HS81 Micro servo without the horn and linkage was fitted.

A switch harness was then fitted to the rear of the foot plate using the cut out provided.

Next stage, fitting and adjusting linkages.

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