Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Girder Bridge - Stage 1

Clearing out my shed I came across my old greenhouse aluminium staging stand which had been dismantled and stored for many years. Should I throw it away, ebay it or..................make a girder bridge for an extension line?

I had also read one or two articles in railway magazines and viewed several clips on YouTube where girder bridges had been incorporated.

So I decided to give it ago and build one from scratch using the angle-aluminium and the nuts & bolts from the staging stand.

I knew that I needed it to be around 1800mm long by 250mm tall with a width for a single track of about 200mm.

So carefully utilising the pre-drilled holes wherever possible, I cut two bottom lengths of angle, two top lengths and sixteen vertical lengths. Loosely bolting the pieces together as I progressed, the first side began to take shape.
The top piece was added and the diagonals at each end were made to measure and again bolted together.

Here one side can be seen completed to stage one. The other side is made identical to this one.

Diagonals are yet to be added to each side provided that I have sufficient angle available.

Next stage, connecting the two sides together.

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