Friday, 14 September 2012

L&B Corridor Coach Kit Pt.1

Photo:IP Engineering

After recent reviews in Garden Rail and other garden railway magazines, I took a fancy to these little L&B inspired coaches. There are three in the range, a two and three compartment coach and this one. After purchasing the Corridor Coach from IP Engineering, this is how I built it.

Superglue or PVA glue is recommended for the assembly for which I chose Evo-Stik exterior weatherproof wood adhesive as it allows slight movement before setting. Ten minutes to set, and twenty four hours for the glue to clear.

The four sides were removed from the fret and the burrs cleaned off with a small needle file. The running board and end supports were then glued in place.

The floor was then located onto the running board whilst checking for square.

An end and then the other side were attached before the second end was located in place and all checked for square.

Using the lines on the inner sides, the outer sides were removed from their frets and glued in place. The same was done for the two ends.

This is how the coach looks at this stage. Next paint will be applied to the outside panels.

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