Monday, 8 April 2013

Brookwood - The Foundations (Stage 1)

As the weather continued to be kind I set about laying the first foundation stones for the line into Brookwood Station.
Unlike the rest of the line I decided to use 100mm grey solid dense blocks for the foundations to give a flat and wide area for gradually developing the station and it's sidings, block by block. The initial block was laid at the point where the line ended last summer.

Each block was laid on a mixture of soil and 6mm limestone after the ground had been thoroughly tampered down with a small concrete brick to help prevent movement in the future. Between each block a 12mm gap was left and a 4:1 mortar mix applied. 

Each block was carefully checked for level and after each was laid, the overall level was checked. Any surplus mortar was pointed alongside each stone at the foundations.

Bit by bit the the blocks were laid for the station platform line, all the way to where the buffer stop will be.

The initial blocks were left overnight before the track was loosely laid and engine tested. Now I think I'll leave it a week to settle before adding the next lot of adjacent blocks.

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