Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Billy Boiler - Stage 3

After first giving the wrapper a light rubbing down with fine 'wet & dry' (2000 grade), I applied Isopropyl Alcohol cleaner with cotton wool balls.

The wrapper was then given one coat of U-Pol etching primer, two coats of Halfords enamel grey primer and finally several thin coats of Halfords enamel Racing Green gloss spray paint.

After the paint had hardened for 24 hours, the screw for the square sandbox was fitted before the wrapper was repositioned over the boiler. Then a rear brass boiler band was fitted around the wrapper and the boiler mounting foot. Another brass boiler band was positioned but this one is flush with the wrapper and fitted directly around the boiler. Both bands will be fully tightened before the unit is positioned and secured to the chassis.

Next stage, fitting the boiler.

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