Monday, 31 October 2011

Billy Body - Stage 4

The cab roof was painted with Halfords black gloss enamel and then loosely fitted to the body with two brass screws and nuts. These provided for the hinge enabling the roof to be opened for access. 
Tip - a drop of Loctite was applied to each nut to prevent it from moving.

The body was then carefully placed over the gas tank and lubricator and secured in placed with a brass screw, to the rear buffer beam.

A tank support was then fed under the boiler and attached to the side tanks of the body with two brass screws. 

The dummy brass sanding dome was then slotted over the brass screw in the centre of the boiler and secured with a brass cap. 

The brass dome just sits over the safety valve assembly.

Before the body was fixed in place, all copper pipes and the lubricator were painted with matt black Halfords V.H.T. Engine Enamel paint.

Next stage, fitting of the Radio Control.


  1. This is looking great now, really inspiring to see the kit come to life.

  2. Thanks James. Off to the NEC for the Warley Show in two weeks time where I hope to pick up the RC equipment. At least I won't have to chase her round the garden when that's fitted!