Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stainz DCC Fitting Guide - Part 1 of 4

1. Available in starter sets the Stainz comes complete with lights, sound and a steam generator. Adigital decoder is not currently fitted but it does have a series of sockets on the main internal motherboard to accomodate an LGB Decoder 55021.
2. To reach the motherboard you first have to remove the body from the chassis. To achieve this you have to remove six screws. The first two keep the small rods affixed to the chassis on each side by means of a black bracket.
3. From the underside you can see the location of the screws. (Same on both sides.)
4. The remaining four screws are positioned two at the front and two at the rear under the hook bar.
5. The main body can now be lifted from the chassis, only the wires to power the motor from the wheels and pick-up shoes remain connected.
6. To remove these wires after the body has been removed, just prise off the connector using a flat headed screwdriver.
Part 2

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