Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stainz DCC Fitting Guide - Part 2 of 4

7. Turning the body over you next need to remove the chimney stack. Using a small pair of pliers, turn the nut anti-clockwise to undo, taking care not to damage the two wires.
8. Follow the two wires across the base plate from the chimney stack to the connectors at the other end. Unplug these from the board with your fingers or if you prefer, a pair of small pliers gripped to the connectors.
9. Remove the tape from over the wires and gently remove the chimney, wires and light housing.
10. Remove the four pipes from the plastic plate and then remove the plate. (Hint: push the pipes from below.)
11. Next on the left hand side of the boiler, the water filler tube connects the boiler to the base plate. This must be removed or at very least, removed from one section. Although only pushed in, they are a tight fit.
12. With the remaining four screws removed, the base plate can be separated from the cab and boiler section.
Part 3
Part 1

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