Monday, 18 June 2012

Stainz DCC Fitting Guide - Part 3 of 4

13. However once the screws are removed, you will find it tricky to separate the two sections due to the drivers arm sticking out of the window and his head hitting the speaker housing in the cab roof. Care and patience are required here, together with some skilful 'jiggery'!
14. With the two sections separated remove the metal weights and make a note of their position and orientation. This will help you when you reassemble the locomotive after the decoder has been fitted.
15. Remove the boiler from the cab by firstly disconnecting the small chimney from the cab. Pull the top of the chimney towards the front, then twist it sidewards, which will remove the small plug from the cab.
16. Secondly, gently rotate the boiler left and right, repeating this action until the boiler can be pulled away from the cabs housing. Initially this is a tight fit, so patience again as you persuade it free.
17. The cab now separated from the boiler.
18. Leaving the two parts still connected via three sets of wires, unscrew the water pump and remove.
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