Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Billy Boiler - Stage 5

The big day had arrived and it was time to test under steam.

First the external moving linkages and bearings were lubricated and the displacement lubricator was filled with steam oil. Then the boiler was filled with water to 30ml short of full and the gas tank was filled to capacity with a mix of 65% Butane and 35% Propane.

Gently the gas regulator was slowly opened and a lighted match held over the chimney. 'Pop', the burner was lit.

After a couple of minutes the gas regulator was opened a little more to speed up steam raising.

A full working pressure of 40psi was soon achieved before the steam regulator was opened.

Roundhouse recommend to 'run-in' the  linkages, bearings and boiler for a few hours before testing on your line.

Next stage, the Body kit (HBK5).

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ffestiniog Railway (1)

I last visited the Ffestiniog Railway back in 1968 with my geography teacher, Mr Heywood, who at the time I recall, was a volunteer on the railway. I have since learnt that he went on to become a General Manager with the company before retiring in 2005.

Mr Alan Heywood. (15.05.68)
The railway continues to have all the charm and character that it had back then, for which the following selection of photographs taken this year, certainly show.

Porthmadog Station with Merddin Emrys preparing to depart.
Vale of Ffestiniog working at Porthmadog Station.
Earl of Merioneth / Iarll Meiriontdd at Blaenau Ffestiniog.
Signal Box at Rhiw Goch.
Penrhyn Station.
Minffordd's cosy waiting room.
Merddin Emrys pulling out of Tanygrisiau.
Earl of Merioneth / Iarll Meiriontdd returning to Porthmadog Station.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Billy Boiler - Stage 4

Before fitting the boiler and it's wrapper, the two return cranks were pinned. When attempting to do this I used and recommend the use of a dremel drill with vertical stand and most importantly a Titanium drill bit. An ordinary metal drill bit will blunt quite  easily and result in a poor job.

The front of the boiler is positioned into the smokebox and the rear is held in place via a mounting foot. (A small spacer for the floor is added in the absence of the HBK5 Body Kit) 

Once positioned, the steam regulator, pressure gauge and safety valve were fitted.

With the superheater pipe positioned to the left hand side of the centre flue, the Roundhouse FG type gas burner was then inserted into the rear of the boiler and secured with two screws and washers.

The gas tank was then fitted to the right hand side of the chassis making sure  that it didn't come into contact with the boiler or any pipes. From the gas regulator a copper pipe was shaped and connected to the gas burner.

Temporarily positioned to the left hand side of the cab, the cylinder lubricator was fitted with it's two copper pipes connected to the superheater and steam regulator.

Next stage, testing under steam.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Trailing Tankers

Chugging along, loco 994605 nears the end of it's journey.
En route towards Homestyal Halt, the tanker train passes Buddleia Pond signal box.
Crossing Buddleia Pond bridge on the eastbound section.
Raccoons happily play, oblivious of the approaching train.
Underpass westbound towards Homestyal Halt.
Quietly passing Homestyal Church during early Sunday evening.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Persil Box Car

In Persil livery, this two axle box car was used for many years between 1920-1945 on the DR.

Model: The doors on both sides of the wagon slide open.
Length: 300mm LGB: 46356

Persil Tanker

Two axle tank car from the 1920-1945 era with authentic Persil advertisement.  Private cars of this type were used on the DRG.  Some of these cars can still be seen today on museum railroads.

Model: Complete with an opening fill hatch and working drain valve.
Length: 335mm LGB: 42123

Monday, 1 August 2011

Wash Day

Keeping his powder dry, Benson awaits the arrival of the morning goods train.
The vegetation at Buddleia Pond station nearly obscures the passing train.
Aerial view of the eastbound goods train as it approaches the Buddleia Pond loop.