Friday, 29 April 2011

Billy Chassis - Stage 5

The return cranks were now fitted but will be finally pinned into position after the valve gear has all been assembled and tested. At this point they were each clamped together with a steel screw and nut. It's a good idea when doing this to hold the return clamp jaws together with a pair of pliers whilst tightening the screw and nut.

The weigh shaft, expansion links, eccentric and radius rods were all now fitted.

The assembly was now checked for a 'smooth running' prior to the fitting of the lifting arms and links.

Finally at this stage the steel reversing rod was fitted, clamped and the valve gear set to ensure that the radius rods lift at the correct time and position.

The valve timing was then checked and the valve chest covers finally fitted. (Not shown in photo.)

Friday, 22 April 2011

Buddleia Pond

Railcar waiting patiently whilst a passenger train approaches.
Freight train passing through.
Passenger train on it's final bend before approaching the station.
Freight train crossing Buddleia Pond Bridge.
Looking down the line from Buddleia Pond embankment.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Billy Chassis - Stage 4

The outside cranks were now fitted, observing the 'quartering' rule of having the right hand side lead by one quarter of a revolution.

As my model is to run on 45mm gauge (G Scale), the wheels were adjusted accordingly and secured onto the axles using the wheel grub screws.

Coupling rods fitted.  These took a while for the wheels to rotate easily without any tight spots.  A little filing with a small needle file was required to slightly elongate the coupling rod holes.

The cylinders were then fitted to each side, leaving the covers offset to the outside of each chest.  This will allow for the adjustment of the slide valves later in the build.

As I already had the 'Boiler Kit - HBK3', it is recommended that the superheater is fitted to the steam inlet pipe on each cylinder.

The connecting rods were now fitted to the piston rods of each cylinder, resulting in a slight resistance when the wheels were rotated.

Next stage, the Walschaerts type valve gear.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Billy Chassis - Stage 3

After two coats of Halfords enamel black gloss spray paint, the chassis was left for 24hrs to harden.

Buffer beam overlays were added, followed by the centre buffers (each to be painted later).

The wheels and axles were then fitted, after first cleaning any paint from the brass axle bushes.

Next stage, cranks and coupling rods.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Billy Chassis - Stage 2

At this stage with the buffer beams fitted, it is recommended that the chassis is painted.

Firstly I applied Isopropyl Alcohol cleaner with cotton wool balls to remove the engineering oil, followed by a hot water and detergent bath. The chassis was then dried using an electric hair dryer set on hot.

Once cleaned I put on a pair of latex gloves to prevent greasy fingerprints appearing later in the finish.

With the chassis now ready for spraying I applied one coat of U-Pol etching primer followed by two coats of Halfords enamel grey primer.

Next stage, the top coat.