Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Groudle Glen Railway

Originally built in 1896 as part of the Groudle Glen pleasure grounds and attractions, this beautiful two foot gauge railway ran until the early 1960's before it fell into disrepair and eventually scrapped during the 1970's.

Rescued from total extinction in 1982 by enthusiastic volunteers, we have today this short line once again operating to the Sea Lion Rocks Tea Rooms.

Sea Lion waits patiently at Lhen  Coan Station before her first operation of the day.
Getting her steam up whilst her carriages are attached.
With plenty of steam to spare, Sea Lion was about to depart.
The remains of the Victorian attraction at Sea Lion Rocks. On the left are the remains of the sea lion pool and  on the right the polar bear enclosure. The metal stand in the middle is all that remains of the viewing platform which spanned the two attactions.
Sea Lion makes another arrival at Sea Lion Rocks.
A replica of Sea Lion's original sister locomotive in the making - Polar Bear.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Brookwood - The Foundations (Stage 1b)

With all the blocks laid and track purchased for this year, things are beginning to take shape down at Brookwood Station.

Looking northbound you can see the beginnings of the station platform (on the right) and the Ash and Repair Pit in the foreground.
The first three switches entering Brookwood will be motorised and operated via an MTS Switch Decoder LGB 55025, to be located in the signal box at the end of the platform.

If you zoom in, you can just about see the switch cabling already in situ.

Another view looking northwards.

Looking southwards with the station platform on the left you can see the fourth switch which will remain manual and sprung in favour of the returning locomotive.