Sunday, 14 September 2014

Station fencing

I've looked around for fencing, in particular 'picket fencing' but until recently I hadn't been able to find any. And then whilst sat in the my local coffee shop, the mist began to rise....................

Wooden stirrers and chopsticks.

Chopsticks for the fencing posts and cross members.

I used an electronic pencil sharpener at the blunt end of each cross member to form the male end for the joints.

Evo-stik weatherproof Wood adhesive (exterior) is strong enough for the glue.

Stirrers for the uprights spaced evenly (the width of a stirrer) and glued to the cross members.

Uprights were also glue onto each post.
For painting I used Valspar spray cans, white primer with white satin top coat.
A rough sketch of the measurements I used and found to be most suitable.

The posts were glued onto the rear of the platform edging using a generous blob of Evo-stik Evo-Grip.

Brookwood Station.