Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stainz DCC Fitting Guide - Part 4 of 4

19. After removing the bottom half of the plastic boiler housing (two lugs), remove the three wires connecting the cab to the boiler. Remove the two screws holding the weight to the top half of the boiler.
20. Now the circuit board is revealed!
21. Above the circuit board in this photo is the decoder (55021) to be fitted. As the LGB circuit board provides a 'direct socket interface', the four wires are not required and therefore can be snipped off.
22. With the wires removed, offer the decoder to the board (it only fits one way) and firmly press down into the boards sockets.
23. Fitted decoder and main circuit board.
24. For the circuit board to recognise the decoder, all dip switches should be set to the 'OFF' position.

25. Before reassembly, check that all is in working order by connecting the main wire to the chassis and placing the basic locomotive on a piece of connected track. Ensure the light works and that the locomotive moves.

If the basic locomotive doesn't work, check that the decoder is seated correctly and that the dip switches are set correctly, in addition to the track receiving power.

To rebuild the locomotive, just reverse these steps by following the instructions used to dismantle.


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