Friday, 27 April 2012

Goods Van

The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway was well provisioned with goods rolling stock when it was opened in 1902, all of which was supplied by Pickerings and the majority of which survived the closure of the line.  The initial order included four of these vans built to carry four tons, equipped with sliding doors and single brake and later fitted with safety chains.

Model: Mainly constructed from injection moulded plastic, with 45mm wheel sets fitted.
Length: 285mm Accucraft UK-BMS: R19-5B
Scale: 16mm to 1 foot (1:19)

HLR Stock: 1

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Loads of Coal

With a growing collection of wagons, I needed to decide on the type of freight that should be carried. I knew I wanted to use 'removable loads' but I wasn't sure of what. However with the recent addition of a couple of Accucraft UK-BMS R19-3B open wagons, I knew they should be transporting coal.

To achieve this I cut a 20mm thick polystyrene sheet to the internal dimensions of the wagon.

This was then painted with an acrylic black (semi-gloss or flat) paint.

Once dry, wood adhesive was spread over the painted surface.

Synthetic 'Loco Coal' was mixed with more adhesive and again spread over the surface.

The 'Loco Coal', obtained from Garden Railway Specialists, was mixed with wood adhesive in a small mixing bowl.

Initially whilst drying, the adhesive will have a milky colour to it. This will eventually dry transparent.

The finished removable coal load.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spring Steam

Next week 'Billy' goes into the sheds for her running number and nameplate to be fitted, but before doing so, she was tasked with one more assignment, the moving of a delivery of new rolling stock to the HLR depot.

The first batch of wagons being pulled away from  Homestyal Halt.
Waiting patiently for her steam to rise at Homestyal Halt.
On her way.
Passing by Homestyal church.
Full steam ahead as she passes Buddleia Pond signal box.

Look out for the forthcoming naming ceremony scheduled for next week. Have you any ideas of what her name  may be yet?